Liliana Silva

Liliana Silva (b.1981) has always loved the arts & design, drawing and painting.
But it was only later he realized that his professional path would involve pursuing a career in the family arts.

In Love With Forms of Expressions

Coming from a family linked to ceramics, his father and grandfather being potters, he grew up “inside” the world, thus satisfying her “clay passion” and has always known various forms of expression.

Traveling has always been very important in your life. During the 5 years he lived in London, he took the opportunity to walk around and visit museums and art galleries, thus satisfying her “thirst” for creativity.

When she realized that this was the engine he needed in his life. decided to return. After completing the Fashion Design and Footwear Design course, he decided to change his path.

When she returned, he went to work at his father’s ceramics company. While doing so, he gave free rein to his creativity and created his own pieces.

In 2020, he decided to venture out and create his own brand, Terrakota. It is currently based in the city of Esposende, but its homeland is Barcelos, better known as the land of the rooster.

The Terrakota by Liliana Silva brand has stood out internationally, in several countries (stores and galleries) both for its modern/contemporary design and for its distinctive characteristics.

Terrakota can be found in its online store and in selected concept stores.

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