The future of the past

Ceramic with history

Inspired by her grandfather

and father, in the ancestral art of creating and working clay pieces, and as an affirmation of the new generation linked to this art, Lili does not want to forget her profession and creates an authentic collection of Jugs from it.

My greatest tool is my heart and my hands.

And beyond the ceramics that inspire me so much, i transported all those feelings into a collection of unique pieces.

Portuguese tradition that i preserve.

The pieces are all handmade, in the most traditional way. All the pieces are the reflection of my vision.


Best selling product.


The three-dimensionality of this piece makes this tradicional jug, a best seller. Due to the high number of orders, this product has a two-weeks waiting list.

(Photo & Credits to: Nuno Baltazar)


Lili has collaborated with several clients in different ways, always combining their aesthetics with her own design and artistic vision.


She has already created collections for brands, as well as custom pieces for private spaces. If you are interested in a custom project, send an email to:


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