TERRAKOTA - THE FUTURE OF THE PAST - Ceramic with history.

Inspired by her Grandfather and her Father, in the ancient art of creating and working clay pieces, and as a statement of the new generation linked to this art, Lili does not want to forget her profession and from there she has created very authentic collections.

And in addition to the ceramics that inspire her so much, she has been transporting all these feelings to collections of unique pieces.

Portuguese tradition that I preserve. The pieces are all handmade, in the most traditional way. All pieces are a reflection of my vision.


Lili has collaborated with several clients in different ways, always combining their aesthetics with her own design and artistic vision.

She has already created collections for brands, as well as custom pieces for private spaces. If you are interested in a custom project, send an email to: info@terrakota.pt

Any questions, please enter in contact.