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EMAIL: info@terrakota.pt

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(ALEXANDRA SILVA)  +351 91 47 34 754

(LILIANA SILVA)  +351 93 50 90 769



No, all you need is email us with your request. Our sales department will respond and assist you throughout the process.

Our friendly Customer Service Advisors are happy to assist you with placing your order over the phone.

The currency that you shop with is determined by your shipping destination.

  • Visa
  • Bank Transfer
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  • Visa Electron
  • PayPal

We keep your personal data private and confidential and only give it out with your consent or if legally permitted to.

Your order will be carefully packaged in a protective Terrakota pallets with transparent film, with separate parts with auveolar cardboard to ensure it arrives to you in great condition.

Every Terrakota order is unique so our shipping costs vary depending on the size, weight and destination of your chosen items.

Terrakota ships to the following destinations on a DDP (Delivery Duties Paid) basis:

European Union, USA, Canada, China Mainland, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Singapore, Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Qatar, Israel, India, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan Region, Thailand, U.A.E, Japan and Mexico.

This means that all applicable taxes and duties are included in the final purchase price when you place your order and there are no additional costs due upon delivery.

For US customers, Terrakota does not collect sales or use tax in all states. Your purchase may be subject to sales or use tax, unless your state is exempt from taxation. Many states require a sales/use tax return filing at the end of the year for taxable purchases that were not taxed (including internet purchases) and payment of use tax on those purchases.

For more details, please contact your local customs office/respective tax authority.

There are minimum quantities in all products, the “CLAY LAND” link indicates the minimum quantities per order.

Due to the nature of customised orders, and the fact that they have been specially created for you, we will not be able to accept returns.

Of course, although it is a different process, we are open to all differentiating proposals, we consider it a challenge to produce your pieces according to your design, so you should contact us and request a quote for the production. Our technical department will surely answer and explain every inherent process.

The delivery time of your order will vary according to the quantity ordered. At the time of the order being placed, our sales department will inform you of all order details, including production time and delivery.

Just ask for the technical data sheet of our main raw material “Clay” that we send to you as a guarantee of quality, because we consider Portuguese Clay is one of the best in the world, as this way is our greatest asset.

Of course you can, but for that you will have to come to Portugal “Barcelos” where our industry is based, mark the day and come to follow all the production of your pieces.

Yes, no problem, but the order has to be paid in full, then we can arrange the delivery.

Yes, we have a specific table for large orders. If each order exceeds 3 thousand units, all our customers enjoy special discounts. When you place your order, our sales department will inform you.

Pieces finishes are explained in the “CLAY LAND” gallery, however we can always change the pieces finish, which will require a different budget and value because it runs away from our normal production process.
The alteration of the referred finishes are relative to the exterior of the piece, which we consider to be “Scratched, Hammered, Marbles, Brick, Torn, etc.”.
If you want a Painted or even Glazed finish, it should be budgeted on a case by case.

The value for producing a sample varies but will never be less than 100.00 €.

The sample of your piece should be made by hand, on the wheel, with the finish proposed by you.

This value may vary from piece to piece. Only our “Master” will give the final value after careful consideration of the proposed work.

Yes, you can, all of our pieces are marked with our “Terrakota” logo, but if you have your own brand and you want to “Place/Mark” your pieces with your “Low Relief” logo, just inform our sales department, before the order is placed and before it goes into production.

We’ll have to make a stamp with your logo.

The imprint that will be supported by the customer.